Sustainability-Driven Brand Communications and Retail Product Development

Eco-innovation is at the heart of what we do, and when it comes to brands, products, and consumers - we’ve got a green thumb. OWS brings an in-depth understanding of what environmental issues matter most to consumers, and how these factors affect their purchasing habits.

OWS is not just another "green branding" firm ― we work specifically with brands within the organic waste industry, and with pioneering manufacturers of organics-derived products. This targeted experience means deeper project involvement. Often, we provide planning and logistical services well before branding occurs. For example, in the case of Albertson's, OWS was involved from the ground up - from the planning and architecture of their organic waste sustainability program, to the branding and packaging of the organic-derived retail products resulting from that program. This comprehensive experience and full-service capability is what makes OWS unique.

We know how to demystify sustainability for your audience, using clear language and transparent messaging to present your brand’s policies and practices―without greenwashing or making false claims. We also know how to apply this knowledge. We work with brands to implement sustainable design strategies such as reduced packaging, use of ecofriendly inks and recyclable materials, and energy-efficient manufacturing and transport―all areas that consumers have identified as important to their brand choices.

We’re continually looking for new ways to help our clients build brands that meet the needs of people around the globe, today and tomorrow, in an ever greener marketplace. Because we’re all in this for the long term.


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