Organic Waste Management Strategies

Organic Waste Program Planning & Logistics

OWS is in the business of helping companies better manage their waste streams to achieve zero waste, with a focus on the enhanced management of organic materials. We identify items currently going to a disposal outlet that can be managed and removed from a company's waste stream(s). We then design custom organics programs that reduce waste disposal costs--saving companies money.

Typical waste management company can generally only recommend a few recycling programs, based on traditional recycling markets. What sets OWS apart is our ability to offer a variety of customized, flexible and innovative solutions specific to your unique material stream and needs. This allows us to design comprehensive recycling and sustainability programs that fit your individual needs.

OWS designs the path to zero waste, using the following approach:

Listen so we understand our clients' concerns, goals, budget, timeline and other requirements. We then conduct a detailed waste audit and process analysis for client review.

Develop a gap analysis to highlight where a company is and where it could be, which provides clients with a road map that clearly highlights each step to reach their goals. This analysis also illustrates how much can be saved in terms of cost and environmental footprint reduction.

Manage implementation of the program with a network of pre-approved vendors to ensure a flawless execution. OWS also acts as an expert liaison with State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials.

Track and Report all services, manifests, footprint reductions, tax deductions from donation and overall progress to zero-waste results.

Adapt the program to fit a client's changing needs and take advantage of technological breakthroughs in the recycling and sustainability fields.

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