Cool Planet and OWS -- Partners in Breakthrough Water Remediation

Cool Planet and Organic Waste Solutions (OWS) to Develop Breakthrough Water Treatment Technologies


Will address California’s storm water runoff regulations and improve water quality

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- March 25, 2014


Cool Planet Energy Systems, a developer of solutions for the energy, food and water industries with drop-in fuels and advanced CoolTerra™ biochar products, announced today the signing of a Memo of Understanding with Organic Waste Solutions, LLC (“OWS”). Organic Waste Solutions (OWS) is engaged in the design and construction of low impact solutions to address water pollution from storm water runoff, and for water treatment and environmental remediation, serving both private and government clients.

Cool Planet and OWS will cooperate in developing proprietary biochar-enabled technologies to address the need for secondary wastewater treatment, water remediation, and the management of storm water runoff. The companies will work to set up and operate laboratory and field demonstrations, optimize and document the benefits of Cool Planet’s proprietary biochar product in ecological bioremediation, and provide designs for optimal delivery systems. The parties will jointly evaluate the results of the experimental program at the completion of the studies and enter into definitive agreements to commercialize the technology subject to success.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Cool Planet and integrate their proprietary biochar product into our ecological wastewater treatment systems. Having this vital tool will increase the effectiveness of our systems exponentially, even with just the known benefits of biochar today. What excites us the most about the collaboration with Cool Planet is the strong potential for biochar to be extremely effective in the treatment of contaminants. The capacity to manage water contaminants of concern in California, and even more so globally, will be a game changer in water management,” said Jonathan Todd of OWS.

According to Rick Wilson, who leads Cool Planet’s biochar business, “The OWS team is well known in low-impact water remediation. They have designed and deployed water remediation solutions across the United States and around the globe, including projects in China. In commercial deployment, Cool Planet’s technology solutions will span water pollution, low-carbon liquid fuels, increased food capacity, and address drought and climate change in a very practical manner.”

About Cool Planet

Cool Planet is commercializing a technology to create green fuels and biochar in a way that can change the world for good. Our green fuels are chemically identical to fossil fuels, and our “CoolTerra™” biochar product enables fertilizer reduction and increased water retention for increased crop productivity, and more robust plant health. The process is capable of being carbon negative, reversing the consequences of CO[2] build-up from fossil fuels. Cool Planet’s technology has a broad portfolio of pending and granted patents. Global investors include BP, Google Ventures, Energy Technology Ventures (GE, ConocoPhillips, NRG Energy), and the Constellation division of Exelon.

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