consulting, design and construction

Consulting, Design and Construction

Consulting Services

The OWS Design team has extensive experience in consulting on enhanced natural resource management with a broad range of clients. We can provide insight from the business planning stage of resource allocation through site visits, feasibility studies, report writing, design and constructed consultations, through to the day to day facility operations.

Design Services

OWS has over 30 years experience with natural wastewater treatment design, general aquatic management, and project supervision. In accordance with the philosophy Jonathan Todd, OWS’ Chief Sustainable Water Resources Advisor, OWS harnesses the biological processes that operate in nature within the form of an engineered treatment system to successfully meet discharge standards and permitting requirements. Each project presents unique challenges; as such, our solutions are focused on cost effective, highly diverse, and resilient systems that are both environmentally beneficial and aesthetically pleasing.

OWS staff can provide complete design services from the initial concept through detailed construction documents.

Construction Services

Our team has extensive experience in the construction of natural wastewater treatment facilities and aquatic environmental management projects worldwide. Our team offers clients a complete design & build option, in addition to the conventional design. This design & build approach allows for the acceleration of the project from planning and design, through to construction completion, training of personnel and facility start-up. OWS also offers integrated construction oversight services; working with primary contractors to ensure the natural water treatment element is efficiently integrated into project construction.

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