At the Nexus of Energy, Food, & Water

We envision the future:

A future where Energy, Food, and Water are managed sustainability, and locally, to the benefit of the human race and the natural environment. A future where mankind breaks the hydrocarbon cycle, sequesters carbon in the soil, and reverses the buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Taking advantage of the interdependence between Energy, Food, and Water:

Energy. Renewable natural gas to power vehicles, and renewable electric to power the human race, and in the future hydrogen to power vehicles even more efficiently, produced from organic wastes.

Food. Organic wastes from agriculture, relieving some of their energy for beneficial energy production, and producing carbon for the soil, enhancing agriculture productivity, and reducing the need for fertilizer.

Water. Using less in agriculture, by adding carbon to the soil. Purified through natural processes in constructed wetlands using plants, bacteria, aquatic species, and the sun. Producing food, and organic wastes to power the cycle.

The OWS team are seasoned experts in Energy, Organic Waste management, and Water remediation. We have developed and commercialized energy technologies across the globe, founded organic waste recycling businesses, created soil biocarbon technologies, and pioneered new concepts in the field of Natural Biological Systems wastewater treatment.

In the service of our mission, we work as a development partner or as a consultant, identifying, analyzing and overcoming the main barriers to creating efficient bioenergy from your organic waste stream, and addressing otherwise impossible water remediation challenges. Our knowledge and research covers all processes necessary for establishing successful "bioenergy chains" to produce heat, electricity, biofuels and soil carbon products, and clean water, for the energy and agriculture end-use market.

We see the future clearly, because we are creating it.

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